Monday, January 3, 2011

BEL 402

The title is not related to any cars plated such.

Actually,it has been a while since my last post in English ever since the new me in this blog. Yeah. Truly. It is just that something that triggered me in this Malay area of Shah Alam. I dont think that i can speak English anywhere right here. The main language right here is just that fucking Kelantan Language,not Malay Language. Someone send them back to the deepest pit of Nik Aziz's ass please?

One thing that noticed right here among them besides their strong assabiah spirit, but their cockiness. Everywhere. I have never seen any Kelantanese like these in my life. When I stepped on in this piece of Malay land,I totally changed my perception towards them all. All of them. Yes. All my Kelantanese friends before this are friendly,and non of them are cocky,despite their educational background. But what happens here,is the otherwise.

No matter how bad they are they always tried to bring up themselves,among them. In short,cocky. Not the good one. In Malay,i mean,Bahasa Selangor, people tend to say "dorang belagak syok sendiri je tu". This is one thing that I cant accept. Truly. It doesnt matter who you are or where you are from,but once you do have such,im not into it.

I am not saying that all the Kelantanese are like this. I still do have those nice and humble ones among my friends. Just like in KMS,truly they are very humble,yet,open minded. And they tried to speak like the other Selangorians there when they are among us. Not like here in UiTM. Kolej Perindu is like Kolej Tumpat I guess?

Im not offending anyone. Just,offending those guys right here in Perindu. Damn.

Sesi Bahasa Penjajah Tamat

Perlu sangat ke semangat kenegerian masa kita belajar? Bagi aku,tak. Bukan aku nak paksa orang untuk jadi orang Selangor. Tapi, budaya sini ternyata dah berbeza sangat dengan dorang. Aku memang seronok dengar orang Kelantan cakap Kelantan,tapi kalau dah sampai tolak orang dari negeri lain,pilih orang negeri dia je dalam semua benda,pastu bajet bagus padahal dia entah datang dari kampung mana entah,buat kepala pulak dekat tengah tengah Shah Alam.

Aku paling pantang kalau orang luar buat kepala dekat bukan tempat dia.

"Aku dah mai tempat omputih pun aku dah tak cakap penang hang tau dak!"

Tak kira apa pun,tapi,perlu hormat dengan semua orang. Bukan aku seorang rasa macam ni, tapi dah ramai dah. Budak Johor,Selangor semua kat sini banyak menyirap dengan diorang macam ni. Semua nak Kelantan je. Perempuan okay la pulak tak kira orang Kelantan ke apa, tapi budak laki kat sini bajet bagus. Dah la muka macam Faiz Zakaria. Memang orang muka macam dia semua bajet bagus ke?

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