Friday, May 21, 2010

Selangor Matriculation College, SeMaC

Today is friday. The 2nd friday im here in this place. This beautiful place with lots of beautiful chicks that u cant say a word with them.nevermind.i came here to study by the way.

currently im with my laptop in the computer lab.thank God they open up this computer lab for public. i just want to check my jpa results.thats all. and yet the government once again made me frustrated again because of their janji melayu. jpa is not yet open to the students. damn it.

its 44 minutes after 3 and yet they are still not launching it up. ahhhhhh. i need to know lah.i cant wait. seriously cant wait. i need to know where im going in the next few years. is it Malaysia or the west? is my wife going to be malay or minah saleh? hehehehe

by the way the life in this place is quite fun. with the students here,its already a havoc even since the first day.especially with the sbp smokers.haha. gila2 tapi rajin study. semacam.

a physical science student. f1p1. it's a hell lot of fun studying with the peeps right here.much better than integomb. its freedom. no one to scream at you in the morning waking you up,or any alarm or such. its just,having fun studying. i've been always looking for this kind of feeling since form 4. as that feeling is gone right when i am in gombak. now its back. thank you Allah.

my comment is, integomb is a hell wayyyyy more tension than matriculation. as i already felt the tense even since the first week im in gombak.and that feeling gets worse as time passes by. yes.

all i want to say now. I WANT TO CHECK MY JPA!

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