Friday, May 28, 2010

home.means.no-websensed wifi

yeahh.no longer blockage like the ones from the college.
im home ladiess.right here in sungai buloh.
home sweet home.
i miss maju ahmad.and maju ahmad is missing me.

today is friday and its a public holiday as it is wesak day.
most of the students went back home since most of them are mostly from selangor.
the others,just simply stay there in boredom.

yesterday i went back by bus from banting and a train from klang.it was quite a ride.
along with chivas,faris,hakim,mira,farah,a hot girl (i forgot her name) and also my wifey.hee.
the journey began at 6pm.i reached home at 11.30pm.
well,tolak2 time lepak semua the total journey should be around 4 hours.heee.
it was quite tiring that i fall asleep standing in the ktm.

i've just qada'ed my sleep throughout the day. i woke up at noon just to perform solat jumaat.right after that i went back home and had a good noon sleep again.such a day.
it has been awhile since i had a good sleep like such.

im hungry.i need to go now.maju ahmad is calling.later guys!

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