Sunday, April 25, 2010

Left 4 Dead 2

okay2.i am die hard fan for this game.seriously.
i dont know why but this is the only game that i already thought of buying the original one after a few frustrations regarding the pirate one.

yet,thank God and thanks to the power of Google and Garena,i actually managed to save my RM138.00 and made my rm5 l4d2 dvd worth a lot. fuck steam server.

hahaa and last night just found the update for pirates! and i'd like to share with people in malaysia and around the world for this one.


for the passing update
u could use this link to download.its a 730MB++ file.so u need to be patient with this one.

u also have to download the standalone,its an update for your version to be suitable with the passing.it is necessary for u to play without the steam version (pirate l4d2 MUST use this)

these two are the most important part to update your pirate l4d2 version.seriously.
so just do it u cheap ass bastard.

okay now what else?
actually there is another update which is
i never use this one but i'll just giv it to u in case u want to use it.dont ask me about this.

another few optional updates would be

addon support

authoring tool kit

okay now,right after u installed the updates, the Rev.ini folder will come out
andddddd asking u to put your username right there.
just change the playername down there for your preffered username.
then just save the file.
later on just play and voila!
anymore questions,just post your comment here.
i would happy to help you.


@re_ZinT.T said...

kipas aku r..panas ni, haha,XD
stil luv with l4d1..lol.

hairilridz243 said...

ceyt.hahaa.stil dgn l4d1 ek?
huhu.kaw maen kat garena tak? kalau ye buleh la maen network nak :D

@re_ZinT.T said...

haha,,men sorg2 sudah..tenet slow berangan nak men ngan network..xdpt r..haha..

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