Monday, March 1, 2010

im ALMOST 18

and the world's scariest horror bedtime story is on the cinemas(perhaps not yet.who cares).yes.


i hate this movie.
its not that i've watched it b4 but
it gives me nightmares when i was a kid.seriously.

most of people are only scared of clowns during their childhood,
but for me,its this Alice's world.why?

1.i still remember when i read its novel when i was 4,all pictures it has are just weird non-coloured drawings with an army of poker cards and an ugly evil woman (the big headed bitch in the movie).it looked like the book in the movie Hellboy where they look for guides about the squid-looking demon/creature from hell.

2.the colouring book when i was in tadika.again,the same weird pictures.but only a lot cuter. giant smiling cat,weird plants with faces(i dunno whether its included in the movie),weird guy in the hat and also the famous poker army.

3.i watched the cartoon when i was 5 and it seems too unrealistic and horrifying.i wonder how does alice can survive in such shitty world of the so called wonderland.i cant sleep well since i watched the cartoon.seriously.

since then,i really hated this wonderland.its not fun at all.
suddenly the movie is published in the year im turning 18.its a scary movie.it should be rated 21 above.

it still gives me goosebumps when i watched the trailer about the movie.seriously.
haha.silly childhood memories.cant believe boleh terbawak2 sampai besar XDD

okay2.thats enuf.
its been a while since i updated this blog.
and its 1st march.tomorrow im having a driving lesson and i hope evrythings going well.a manual kancil.it should be easy i hope.it should be.

anddddd i've done with the handphone shop yet still supporting my boss there.if u wanna buy any phone just tell me. i can recommend any good one lah even its AP phone.

currently free at home but yet my lappy's down.shit.currently abusing my brother's laptop.

till then,i'll update later.
take care evryone :)

1 comment:

ain izwani said...

its funny somehow ! HAHA

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