Saturday, December 11, 2010

it has to be done.

ahhh.goodbye kms.
totally.sharp 11.40am,i am officially a former student of Selangor Matriculation College.yeah.

go to hell.

sadness overwhelms me today.cant stop feeling sad looking at my friends,the la uche cabana,and all the memories back around kms.

to all my kenalans in kms,
im sorry that i have to go.im doing this for the sake of my future.it is a huge gamble,but for this kind of situation,it is still better to be compared than staying in kms.im not sure what the future lies for me ahead,but im hoping and praying the best.

i love you all.all of you.everything in kms.truly.there is just too much of memories right there.pahit manis,suka duka. semua ada kat situ.truly bukak mate aku lgi luas about the perception towards the world and people.

im gonna miss you.truly.the name Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor terpahat betul2 dalam hati aku,palotak aku,
and so dorg semua yang hidup bersame aku kat situ :)

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