Monday, October 4, 2010

sharing thoughts.

yeah i've just dropping by not to complain about the world,but to share something that really catches my mind ever since i was a young boy.

Kiamat. The End Of Days. The Appocalypse.

i watched a few videos and surfed the net to look for the clues.
yeah and i saw how the reality goes right now.i think that you knew what are the signs of the Day.they said that the clues are actually can be interpreted as metaphores.


since then,i've been thinking about the major signs of Kiamat, and one thing catches my mind that many people interpreted directly without any other thinking,like i used to understand as well before.

it is that the statement "Matahari Terbit Dari Barat."

look.scientifically,if the sun is really going be shine its first sunlight of the day from the west,it would be a major catastrophe before the incident.for example,the movie 2012.

yes,at the end of the movie,the south pole would be the USA. just look at how many people did not survive the catastrophe.

this is also supported by the solar storm emitted by the sun that can change the magnetic field of the planet,turning the earth to a 180 degree spin upside down.
still,the lands of the earth would be flooded as the inertia of the oceans would cause major tsunamis around the world. truly. it's example are shown exactly like the 2012 movie.

in the Quran if im not mistaken,it is once stated that "only a few of you lives on the earth to see the sun shines from the west,early morning" "and non of you are muslims"

okay.that is one point of view

so i've been thinking. what if,and WHAT IF that the statement is just a metaphore?

truly,just look at the world around us. the eastern societies are no longer that much of their own. the westernization from the west had blinded us from letting ourselves independent on our own indentities. truly.

for example.just go around KL to see,when you see the malay,chinese,and indian people roaming around the streets.

are they still sticking to their own culture?

for example.
look around you,how many of them are still virgins? are they proud of that?
how many of them will leave their sarees,their baju kurung,or any other things to show their culture,and go for what that britney or madonna wears?
how many of them that are ashamed of their own faith and culture,just to look like an american?
how many of them are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to go the clubs,and not to spend 20 bucks just to fill up the gas tank and go to the mosque?
how many of them willing to leave their faith,because they are ashamed,or they leave for a faith that westerners are on to?

if they are,they are truly effected by the westerns.

westernization is a way that the western societies wanted the world to be so called modern.

what happening right now is no longer modern,but it is westernized.
those are two different things.even if you live in the woods,you still can practice western culture isnt it?
if Asia is totally 100% effected by the westerns, than the metaphore is clearly shown by that. Japan,the land that receive the first sunlight of the day on earth,if it is changed by the western,totally,then the Matahari Sedang Terbit Dari Barat.

do you get what im trying to say?

good thing is that Japan is still proud of their culture.no one speaks english on their land.everything is japan.truly,you still can feel their culture if you standing on their soil.

but what if you're no longer feel that?
totally.wherever in the east,you step on their soil and you still can see western elements on them.

than you can see ,matahari timbul dari barat.

that is just,another point of view.
that i'd like to share with people.

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