Thursday, November 20, 2008

narrow minded peeps. boring.

ak da bosan dgn org yg narrow minded.
sumpah bosan. -.-"

antare mereka yg tergolong dlm kategori sbegitu?

mereke yg slalu buat atau pikir sbegini
-a group of friends hanging out together would b a big social problem
-orang yg ske bahan org laen anak mak or anak bapak bile nengok org tu tolong/with parents dye
-"im the greatest guy in the world, others are just sampah"
-easily mad when they tease you even just sket2 je
-tease others to the max,without thinking other people. this would later on continued until "im the greatest guy in the world"
-think that open minded means you have to b obscene
-wear inappropriate fashion in event
-want to put others down because u want to b the best guy
-hav only one sight towards people
-tidak menerima ape yg orang kate

there shud b more

u know whut?

i met tonnes of people with many behaviours since i was a kid
from orang paling alim?
until yg paling setan?
yg kaya? yg miskin?
a perfect family? yg huru hara?
chinese? indians? malays? mat saleh?

life really mengajar my self
it makes me feel that
biar aku dgn hdup aku
aku xsusahkan kaw, kaw jgn susahkan aku
but if ther any mutualism or comensalism between us,
i would b most likely to help you.

smakin lame ni ak makin nmpk byk orang yg narrow minded.
in a huge amount lak tu.
ntah la. wtv happens they're humans
i accept them though. bcoz that is what makes them themselves~

thats all for today


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

best post so far :)

aizaHANIS. said...

I agree 398% with the post. Macam bosan dengan orang yang narrow minded. Pffft.

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